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Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Wed Jun 17 07:50:12 UTC 2020

On 16/Jun/20 23:26, Owen DeLong wrote:

> Count your blessings…

I know that we are lucky that in the markets we operate, local depots
are available. There are other markets in Africa that may not be so
lucky. If we ever built into those markets, we'd certainly cold spare as
much as possible, as we used to in the current markets that the vendors
didn't have local depots for 10 or so years ago.

> As I said, YMMV, but I’m betting your vendor doesn’t stock a second copy of every piece of covered equipment in the local depot. They’re playing the statistical probabilities just
> like anyone else stocking their own spares pool. The biggest difference is that they’re
> spreading the risk across a (potentially) much wider sample size which may better normalize
> the numbers.

Yes, it's just like a bank - they hope not all customers come to
withdraw all their cash on the same morning.

We run a CRS 4-port 100Gbps line card that I know is not very popular
among other operators in the markets where we have them. We had one fail
in a smaller city a few weeks ago. We pay for NBD, not 24/7. A new line
card arrived promptly, the morning after. I did hold my breath, but they

But yes, this is one of those things to seriously consider before you go
standing up a network in a new market.


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