BGP FLowspec to Yang/Yaml ACL

Douglas Fischer fischerdouglas at
Tue Jun 16 18:39:33 UTC 2020

We were looking for some way to implement BGP Flowspec Filtering(just the
permit/deny basic) using L3 switches  in an automated way.

Searching a bit we found

Is almost what we are looking for!
But is focused on Cisco devices.

We even considered fork it to our specific vendor.
But before reinventing the wheel, I decide to ask to colleagues if anybody
knows some tool that converts BGP Flowspec ACLs into YAML or even to YANG.

If that exists, with Ansible/Netconf/RestConf(or some similar tool), it
would be easy to delegate to Switchs doing the basic filtering that only
More expensive Routers can do by now.

P.S.: This Idea does not include(on the first moment) more complex features
of Flowspec like Redirect ou Rate-Limt.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Douglas Fernando Fischer
Engº de Controle e Automação
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