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Tue Jun 16 16:30:23 UTC 2020

Hey folks,
I was hoping maybe someone could point me in a useful direction here. I'm
looking into software tools (ideally, they'd support Windows, Mac, and
Linux, though Windows is perhaps the only critical one) that can be sent
over to random users with varying (mostly very little) knowledge of how the
internet works to gather a bunch of data that they can then provide to us
to help identify connectivity issues between the client and a chosen
endpoint. IPv4 and IPv6 support are requirements. I've got a lot of clients
with VPN connections of varying sorts running on internet connections of
often very low quality, and sometimes even in places where reasonable
quality doesn't seem to even exist.

Right now, when these users complain, this often means my support folks get
to walk them through downloading winmtr and running that as well as other
command line tools to gather a bunch of other information about their
computer, its connection to their LAN, their LAN configuration as best as
we can tell, and their connection to the greater internet. This is somewhat
cumbersome of a process though. If we could send them something they could
click on and then copy/paste out of or otherwise direct the data to us,
that would save a fair bit of time and also be a lot less patience-grating
on the part of our clients.

Any links to potentially useful tools (commercial or free are both fine)
would be appreciated. The main goal is getting lots of relevant information
to us without having to walk an end-user through lots of steps to do so.
The more relevant data, the better.


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