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Tue Jun 16 06:32:45 UTC 2020

I bought three MX204 a year ago and paid maybe 50% more than the quoted 11K
for hardware and standard license. On top of that I paid a significant
amount for BNG features and scale licenses, but not everyone needs that.

The third MX204 was considerably cheaper (half price) because its purpose
in life is to be a cold spare and a lab router. Why pay someone else for
having a cold spare ready for next day replacement when you can have it
yourself? Having a lab router to test config before rollout has really been
a life saver.

 Averaged by the three routers I may have hit close to 11K, not counting
the BNG licenses.



On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 10:57 PM Forrest Christian (List Account) <
lists at> wrote:

> We just got a MX204 quote and it was close to 2.5x the price you're
> quoting, with apparently the minimum license needed for full tables, and
> Next Day replacement.   So if it's really $11K, please shoot me an email
> off list.   Or if someone has a better place to get a decent quote for a
> MX204, or can clarify where this quote might have went wrong, that would be
> useful too.
> We're also looking at going the virtual router route where we put 2-3
> servers in a HA cluster loaded up with 10Gb interfaces and running some
> sort of routing software.  In case you didn't catch on, I'm fairly early in
> running this idea through the paces, although it seems like this is a
> pretty common thing nowadays.
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 6:02 AM Colton Conor <colton.conor at>
> wrote:
>> For around $11,000 right now, you can get a brand new Juniper MX204
>> router. Alternatively, you can get a used MX240 / MX480 with quad power
>> supplies, redundant quad core RE's, and 2 16X10G MIC cards for around
>> $12,000.
>> My question, is there anything else worth looking at in this price range
>> / port configuration? Open to both new and used options. Looking to take
>> full BGP routes.
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> - Forrest
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