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Brandon Martin lists.nanog at
Mon Jun 15 12:40:19 UTC 2020

On 6/15/20 8:00 AM, Colton Conor wrote:
> For around $11,000 right now, you can get a brand new Juniper MX204 
> router. Alternatively, you can get a used MX240 / MX480 with quad power 
> supplies, redundant quad core RE's, and 2 16X10G MIC cards for around 
> $12,000.
> My question, is there anything else worth looking at in this price range 
> / port configuration? Open to both new and used options. Looking to take 
> full BGP routes.

Do you want high-touch or a packet pusher?  The MX204 is somewhere in 
the middle.

Extreme SLX9540 and Arista 7280SR will "take full tables" with some FIB 
compression and route caching.  YMMV if they'll actually work in your 
application, but my experience with the 9540 has been positive in a 
typical leaf edge application.  Street price is in the ballpark of what 
you're talking, and you get a few 100GbE ports to go with your 10GbE ports.

The SLX9640 or 7280R will apparently actually fit full routes in 
hardware, but the pricing seems to be a fair bit higher than you're talking.

All of these are pretty much packet pushers with minimal "touch".  In 
particular, traffic control capabilities are somewhat limited aside from 
applying them to the port itself, and they definitely won't do "BNG" 
type functionality with PPPoE or tag-per-customer with shared L2 
appearance at least not at any real scale.
Brandon Martin

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