[c-nsp] LDPv6 Census Check

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Mon Jun 15 10:02:18 UTC 2020

On Mon, 15 Jun 2020 at 12:46, <adamv0025 at netconsultings.com> wrote:

> Yes it can indeed, and that's moving towards the centre between the extreme cases that David laid out.
> It's about how granular one wants to be in identifying an end-to-end path between a pair of edge nodes.
> I agree with you that MPLS is still better than IP,
> and I tried to illustrate that even enumerating every possible paths using deep label stack is not a problem (and even that can be alleviated using hierarchy of LSPs).

The entirety of my point is, if we were rational, we'd move towards
increasingly efficient solutions. And technically everything we do in
MPLS tunnels, we can do in IP tunnels and converse. Should we imagine
a future where all features and functions are supported in both, it's
clear we should want to do MPLS tunnels. Just the [IGP][BGP-LU] 8B
overhead, compared to IP 40B overhead should drive the point home, and
ultimately, that's the only difference, rest is implementation.

And I'm saddened we've been marketed snake-oil like SRv6 with fake
promises of inherent advantages or simplicity 'just IP'.

We can do better than MPLS, absolutely. But IP is worse.


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