[c-nsp] LDPv6 Census Check

adamv0025 at netconsultings.com adamv0025 at netconsultings.com
Thu Jun 11 08:32:41 UTC 2020

> Mark Tinka
> Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 6:19 PM
> Hi all.
> Just want to sample the room and find out if anyone here - especially
> running an LDP-based BGPv4-free core (or something close to it) - would be
> interested in LDPv6, in order to achieve the same for BGPv6?
> A discussion I've been having with Cisco on the matter is that they do not
> "see any demand" for LDPv6, and thus, won't develop it (on IOS XE).
> Meanwhile, it is actively developed, supported and maintained on IOS XR
> since 5.3.0, with new features being added to it as currently as 7.1.1.
> Needless to say, a bunch of other vendors have been supporting it for a
> while now - Juniper, Nokia/ALU, Huawei, even HP.
> IOS XR supporting LDPv6 notwithstanding, Cisco's argument is that "the
> world" is heavily focused on deploying SRv6 (Segment Routing). While I
> of one or two questionable deployments, I'm not entirely sure much of the
> world is clamouring to deploy SR, based on all the polls we've done at
> NOG meetings and within the general list-based operator community
> So I just wanted to hear from this operator community on whether you
> would be interested in having LDPv6 support to go alongside your LDPv4
> deployments, especially if you run native dual-stack backbones. Or if your
> focus is totally on SRv6. Or if you don't care either way :-). Thanks.
Hey Mark,
My stance is that should I go with anything "new" for label distribution the
MPLS SR/SPRING is getting to a point where it might be mature enough.
Also "BGP free core" means internet won't talk to your core -i.e. free to
use private addressing -so no need for v6 at all in the "underlay" (as
hipsters call it these days).
Alternatively using public "infrastructure subnet" (i.e. not advertised to
the Internet) for a "BGP free core", the aim is to make money of the core
-what additional revenue stream am I getting by enabling v6 in the
underlay/management plane that would offset the pain of dealing with the
increased bug surface?  

And with regards to the XE/XR discrepancies, I mentioned my prophecy a
number of times, I think XE future in SP products portfolio is next to none.


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