LDPv6 Census Check

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Wed Jun 10 18:51:43 UTC 2020

On 10/Jun/20 20:29, Tim Durack wrote:
> I would take either LDPv6 or SRv6 - but also need L3VPN (and now EVPN)
> re-wired to use IPv6 NH.

At the moment, LDPv6 doesn't have what I call "service" support, i.e.,
l3vpn's, l2vpn's, MPLSv6-TE, mLDP, CsC, e.t.c. To be honest, I don't
mind those so much on my end because you can still run a BGP-free core
and still deliver those services.

Granted, if your goal is a single-stack MPLS-based IPv6 network, then
yes, it would be good for LDPv6 to support the "services".

But if it's just vanilla MPLSv6 switching you're after, then LDPv6 will
do just fine.

> I have requested LDPv6 and SRv6 many times from Cisco to migrate the
> routing control plane from IPv4 to IPv6

Well, according to them, SRv6 is winning customers over, and nobody
wants LDPv6. Then again, they have LDPv6 in IOS XR; figures.

> I have lots of IPv6 address space. I don't have a lot of IPv4
> address space. RFC1918 is not as big as it seems. Apparently this is
> hard to grasp...
> (This is primarily IOS-XE - can't afford the IOS-XR supercars)

LDPv6 must be a business case :-). Well, wonder how they sell so many
CGN's, then :-).


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