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stop being a disrespectful little prick.

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> I would calm down, Miles. 😃 Dark fiber networks are built and usually maintained by the same construction company that installed them. And a dark fiber network does not even need a single full time optical engineer. If the cable is damaged, then the guys who installed it will repair it. All the expertise is there.
> And no, I am not an executive at a undersea cable system. i was one of Hibernia Atlantic's top salesmen during the early years from 2004-2011 after which I retired.
> Funny thing then, given that you signed your original query as:
> Roderick Beck
> VP of Business Development
> United Cable Companywww.unitedcablecompany.com<http://www.unitedcablecompany.com>
> And following the link to United Cable Company's web site reveals:
> "Your source for the world's most distinctive submarine cable assets."
> And the about page says "Its mission, as a leading telecom consulting
> company, is to represent the world’s most distinctive submarine and
> terrestrial cable assets."
> Your original query asked:
> Am I wrong in believing that there should be a way of lighting a single pair in the cable and then monitoring it for signal disruption? It is not a perfect solution, but arguably better than learning that the cable has been damaged from an irate customer.
> In a followup message you say:
> Just to clarify, this is a dark fiber network already built and will be repaired by the construction company that built it. I just a system to inform them as soon as the fibers are damaged.
> So... color me confused about who you are, who you represent, what you're
> trying to accomplish, what you're asking, and, perhaps, why you don't
> already know the answer to your question, or have someone internal to your
> organization who already knows.
> Miles Fidelman
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