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> I would calm down, Miles. 😃 Dark fiber networks are built and usually maintained by the same construction company that installed them. And a dark fiber network does not even need a single full time optical engineer. If the cable is damaged, then the guys who installed it will repair it. All the expertise is there.
> And no, I am not an executive at a undersea cable system. i was one of Hibernia Atlantic's top salesmen during the early years from 2004-2011 after which I retired.
Funny thing then, given that you signed your original query as:

> Roderick Beck
> VP of Business Development
> United Cable Company
> www.unitedcablecompany.com<http://www.unitedcablecompany.com  <http://www.unitedcablecompany.com/>>

And following the link to United Cable Company's web site reveals:

"Your source for the world's most distinctive submarine cable assets."  
And the about page says "Its mission, as a leading telecom consulting 
company, is to represent the world’s most distinctive submarine and 
terrestrial cable assets."

Your original query asked:

> Am I wrong in believing that there should be a way of lighting a single pair in the cable and then monitoring it for signal disruption? It is not a perfect solution, but arguably better than learning that the cable has been damaged from an irate customer.

In a followup message you say:

> Just to clarify, this is a dark fiber network already built and will be repaired by the construction company that built it. I just a system to inform them as soon as the fibers are damaged.

So... color me confused about who you are, who you represent, what 
you're trying to accomplish, what you're asking, and, perhaps, why you 
don't already know the answer to your question, or have someone internal 
to your organization who already knows.

Miles Fidelman

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In practice, there is.  .... Yogi Berra

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