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Miles Fidelman mfidelman at meetinghouse.net
Mon Jun 8 19:00:52 UTC 2020

without pilots... or a maintenance manager!

Speaking of which, seeing this kind of question, from a VP at a company 
in the submarine cable business, would sure make me leery of leasing 
fiber from them, if there's an alternative.  Now, one would not 
necessarily expect a VP of Business Development to know all the details 
of network management - but seems to me that he's basically advertising 
that he's learned about cable breaks from irate customers, rather than 
being forewarned by his operations team that "you're about to get a 
bunch of irate calls."

Heck, back in the old days (I was at BBN designing network management 
for the original Defense Data Network) - we knew how to instrument our 
networks, and design for redundancy & diverse routing.  Boy did we have 
egg on our face when a backhoe took out all the connectivity to the 
Northeast.  We detected the outage just fine - but we (and lots of other 
folks) were all caught short to discover that AT&T Long Lines routed all 
of our "redundant" circuits through the SAME fiber bundle.  I expect 
there are others here who remember that debacle.

Miles Fidelman

On 6/8/20 2:29 PM, Mel Beckman wrote:
> It sounds like you don’t have an experienced fiber optic network 
> engineer on the project yet. There is much more to facilities 
> monitoring then just checking for disruption. I recommend that you 
> either retain a consulting engineer or employ one during development. 
> I’m sure operators here are happy to share their ideas, but you will 
> need some expertise in fiber infrastructure to make intelligent 
> decisions about optics, wavelengths, in-band versus out-of-band 
> administration, and a slew of other topics.
> Doing this without experienced engineering help is like starting an 
> airline without pilots :-)
> -mel via cell
>> On Jun 8, 2020, at 11:24 AM, Rod Beck 
>> <rod.beck at unitedcablecompany.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My colleague and I may be running a new dark fiber network in the 
>> Northeast.
>> We need an outsourced NOC to monitor for fiber cuts and serve as a 
>> contact point for customers.
>> Am I wrong in believing that there should be a way of lighting a 
>> single pair in the cable and then monitoring it for signal 
>> disruption? It is not a perfect solution, but arguably better than 
>> learning that the cable has been damaged from an irate customer.
>> Best to take any replies off the message board.
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Roderick.
>> Roderick Beck
>> VP of Business Development
>> United Cable Company
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>> New York City & Budapest
>> rod.beck at unitedcablecompany.com
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>> NJ: 908-452-8183
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