understanding IPv6

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Sun Jun 7 11:17:56 UTC 2020

Daniel Sterling <sterling.daniel at gmail.com> writes:

> In all seriousness, I have been trying to understand IPv6 for a long
> time, and the documentation that I read (again, admittedly not often
> RFCs, but certainly Wikipedia, linux distro docs, etc) never mentioned
> DHCP PD, or at least never mentioned it as something important for how
> end-users would use IPv6.

Sorry, but I have some problems understanding this. AFAICT, you can't
read anything about configuring IPv6 access without seeing DHCPv6-PD

You referred to how OpenWrt "does it out of the box" for example.  So
just for fun, I tried to follow the most natural route from
https://openwrt.org to their IPv6 documentation for end users, which is
3 clicks from the front page to
where the first bullet point you see under "Native IPv6 connection" is
  * Automatic bootstrap from SLAAC, stateless DHCPv6, stateful DHCPv6,
    DHCPv6-PD and any combination


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