Where do your 911 fees go and why does 911 fail

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Tue Dec 29 22:14:36 UTC 2020

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> This isn't the place where state governments are looking for feedback, 
> so surely this will fall on deaf ears, but...
> Who runs 911 services on top of a single carrier solution? I wouldn't 
> run a 10 seat mom and pop outfit without at least a cellular backup on 
> a different carrier.
> 911 services are certainly not treated as critical as the public is 
> led to believe. Not that anyone here is surprised by this, but 
> hopefully positive change can come out of this otherwise horrible 
> event.

BellSouth and the states were very closely aligned.  I imagine it's a 
legacy deal.  Once upon a time, your LEC was your solution, and 
regulation forms a relationship.  (It's not always a bad thing, at 
least in practice.)

Peter E. Fry
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