10g residential CPE

Aaron Wendel aaron at wholesaleinternet.net
Tue Dec 29 18:36:28 UTC 2020

It does have wireless.  That doesn't prevent people from trying to use 
their old equipment in addition. ("My dad's uncle's cousin's former 
roommate works in IT and told me I just needed to plug my old router 
into your new router.")

On 12/29/2020 10:53 AM, Michael Thomas wrote:
> On 12/29/20 8:42 AM, Aaron Wendel wrote:
>> Oh, we still get calls about speed issues. It's always wonderful when 
>> someone puts their own 10 year old Linksys WRT54G and double NATs 
>> behind our CPE then sends in a speed test wondering why they're only 
>> getting 10Mbits on their Gbit line.  We get those ALL the time. :)
> Does your CPE not have wireless? If it's double NAT'ing it's at least 
> a router. If it doesn't have wireless, wouldn't it be cheaper to add 
> it so you don't get the support calls?
> Mike

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