10g residential CPE

Peter E. Fry pfry at tailbone.net
Tue Dec 29 18:16:17 UTC 2020

> From: Ben Cannon <ben at 6by7.net>
> To: Darin Steffl <darin.steffl at mnwifi.com>
> [...]
>> Again, it seems nice to be able to do this but most companies don't 
>> have idle resources sitting around to give away things for free. We 
>> have zero extra time to work for free.
> We’re a tiny company and I already have a department dedicated to 
> giving [...]

It's all in resource allocation, particularly as applied to a small 
company.  I can't imagine 6x7 or Wholesale Internet have dedicated 
departments of bean counters (apparently no button-pushing monkeys as 
well, even if they work for bananas).  The disadvantage is that 
particular individual personnel tend to be even less replaceable than 
in larger companies.

Peter E. Fry

[Hm: 6by7.net web page? That's even a bit sadder than mine...]
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