10g residential CPE

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
Tue Dec 29 17:00:40 UTC 2020

People love throwing their own router behind whatever Internet connection they have. It almost never fails to cause a problem. 

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On 12/29/20 8:42 AM, Aaron Wendel wrote: 
> Oh, we still get calls about speed issues. It's always wonderful when 
> someone puts their own 10 year old Linksys WRT54G and double NATs 
> behind our CPE then sends in a speed test wondering why they're only 
> getting 10Mbits on their Gbit line. We get those ALL the time. :) 
Does your CPE not have wireless? If it's double NAT'ing it's at least a 
router. If it doesn't have wireless, wouldn't it be cheaper to add it so 
you don't get the support calls? 


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