10g residential CPE

Aaron Wendel aaron at wholesaleinternet.net
Tue Dec 29 16:42:36 UTC 2020

Oh, we still get calls about speed issues. It's always wonderful when 
someone puts their own 10 year old Linksys WRT54G and double NATs behind 
our CPE then sends in a speed test wondering why they're only getting 
10Mbits on their Gbit line.  We get those ALL the time. :)

On 12/29/2020 1:28 AM, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 12/29/20 04:41, Keith Medcalf wrote:
>> Are you sure that is not related to "residential services" being of a 
>> generally lower quality than business services?  It has been my 
>> experience that shoddy service generates higher need for "support" 
>> than does "non-shoddy" service.  In this regard, the price for 
>> "business" services should be less than "residential service" by a 
>> couple of orders of magnitude since it costs orders of magnitude more 
>> money to "support" shoddy services than non-shoddy services.
> Considering that Aaron said 98% of their residential customers are on 
> the free plan, and that they use Active-E with every 1Gbps customer 
> getting a proper switch port, I'd hazard the bulk of their support 
> queries to be non-techie customers needing software support (grandma, 
> et al), or fibres being cut.
> It wouldn't seem like they'd be getting calls about "speed" issues, 
> which are most annoying ones :-).
> Mark.

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