10g residential CPE

Aaron Wendel aaron at wholesaleinternet.net
Mon Dec 28 17:11:32 UTC 2020

Actually our free service doesn't have limitations, has an SLA, no 
time/term restrictions, a CPE, support, etc.  I explained the "why" in a 
different post so I won't go over it again.  98% of our residential 
customers are on the free plan.


On 12/27/2020 4:38 AM, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 12/26/20 20:48, Darin Steffl wrote:
>> Aaron,
>> One simple question. Why on earth would you offer free internet 
>> service? How and why? Your site show 1 Gig symmetrical for free when 
>> you should be a minimum of $65 per month to be competitive.
> <conjecturbation>
> For me, looks like a loss-leader to reel customers in, perhaps with 
> some limitations, no guarantees, time/term restrictions, no CPE, no 
> support, e.t.c., that make a "smooth" upgrade to 2Gbps or 3Gbps more 
> sensible.
> My theory would be that getting customers on to the platform is the 
> hardest step. Once they're on, pivoting them isn't difficult, 
> particularly if you nabbed them from a competitor that was charging 
> them some $$ for 10Mbps.
> Think about it, they don't offer a "Multi-Gigabit Wireless Router" 
> with the 1Gbps service. Chances are the customers who choose this 
> package either have a crappy device, or will likely buy a crappy 
> device on their own. They'd never trouble the 1Gbps product, probably 
> call KC Fiber for to complain about not getting 1Gbps, upon which KC 
> Fiber recommend their own CPE, a more guaranteed package, e.t.c., and 
> in comes the 2Gbps or higher, revenue-generating service.
> One the network side, it's just the same port, different (cheap) 
> optic. A cheap port in use for free is better than an unused port, if 
> the switch and fibre are already installed, and at less than 60% take-up.
> It's creative, I like it!
> </conjecturbation>
> Mark.

Aaron Wendel
Chief Technical Officer
Wholesale Internet, Inc. (AS 32097)

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