10g residential CPE

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.com
Sun Dec 27 07:09:05 UTC 2020

On 12/26/20 17:35, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:

> Perhaps there are some issues at other parts of the network that 
> limits their speeds? I'm in Stockholm, Sweden, with plenty of local 
> CDNs located just 1-3ms away from me.

The Swedish model (Stokab) is one to envy. If only other gubbermints had 
the political will to copy this. But alas.

> Here the "truth" is that if you game, you need to have a wired 
> connection to your gaming computer. All gamers "know" this.
> I don't have experience with PS5 and perhaps what you're saying is 
> true for that customer base. I'd say it's not true for Xbox or Steam 
> customers as they see speed prominently displayed on the screen.
> https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/games-apps/troubleshooting/troubleshoot-slow-game-or-app-downloads-on-xbox-one 
> "Go to My games & apps > Manage > Queue and note the download speed 
> shown on the game or app that’s being installed. "

Very handy.

Never owned an Xbox, so didn't know this.

That said, as popular as gaming is, I'm not sure it represents the 
global FTTH demographic. Also, for day-to-day gaming, I believe the 
worry will mostly be about latency and packet loss, than raw throughput. 
Raw throughput will be key when you're downloading new games or updating 
old ones, and chances are this will happen less frequently than just 
regular playing.


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