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>> They sure seem ready to take down the oopper. The installer was sad
>> when I told him to leave my six-pair copper cable alone even though
>> nothing is using it now.
>Sure; ILECs would *love* to deprovision their copper end networks.
>But that's not necessarily a great idea, societally; always-on dialtone
>(or, at least, dialtone with a much higher reliability than VoN) can be
>pretty important.  My LECs in Florida seem to manage five 9s pretty handily
>at the station set; betting FiOS isn't managing that. ...

My telco is a family run rural LEC with some quaint ideas. I asked the
installer who replaces the backup battery when it wears out.  "We do,
of course."  He seemed to think it was a silly question, was surprised
when I told him Verizon felt otherwise.

In the 25 years since I've lived here the power has never been out as
long as a day so I think a four day battery will give me pretty good
reliability. I know my fiber is a straight shot to the CO since I'm
only four blocks away but as far as I can tell, unlike the HFC cable
plant next to it on the poles, their fiber system doesn't use any
powered repeaters.

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