10g residential CPE

Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at swm.pp.se
Sat Dec 26 15:35:36 UTC 2020

On Sat, 26 Dec 2020, Mark Tinka wrote:

> My experience with customers who've bought 1Gbps FTTH service is that on a 
> good day, they may see 500Mbps. On average, they'll live somewhere between 
> 180Mbps - 350Mbps, with a random spot-check. It's alright for providers who 
> offer this to let their NOC's handle the problem, because most users are 
> connected to the Internet wirelessly, using devices that do not require more 
> than a couple of Mbps of bandwidth at a time.
> Wired devices such as gaming consoles won't tell you anything more than how 
> long it will take a download to complete. So you are not probably going to 
> work out whether the PS5 is running at 1Gbps or 230Mbps, as long as your 
> psyche is happy with the service you are buying from your provider.

Steam and Microsoft will say download speed. I regularily see 100MB/s or 

Perhaps there are some issues at other parts of the network that limits 
their speeds? I'm in Stockholm, Sweden, with plenty of local CDNs located 
just 1-3ms away from me.

Here the "truth" is that if you game, you need to have a wired connection 
to your gaming computer. All gamers "know" this.

I don't have experience with PS5 and perhaps what you're saying is true 
for that customer base. I'd say it's not true for Xbox or Steam customers 
as they see speed prominently displayed on the screen.


"Go to My games & apps > Manage > Queue and note the download speed shown 
on the game or app that’s being installed. "

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