10g residential CPE

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at bakker.net
Fri Dec 25 21:22:31 UTC 2020

* mike at mtcc.com (Michael Thomas) [Fri 25 Dec 2020, 21:18 CET]:
>On 12/25/20 11:34 AM, Niels Bakker wrote:
>>Gigabit speeds are about bursting.  Foreground activities like  
>>gaming, making online reservations, streaming won't take more than 
>>that, but anything faster is really nice to have when you're 
>>waiting for the odd software download to finish. (You may have 
>>noticed that they've been increasing in size this year.)
>Wouldn't cpe that implements proper queuing disciplines be a lot 
>simpler and cheaper? I got bit by that once when a friend was 
>downloading a game and it. I flashed a router with openwrt and 
>fiddled with their queuing nobs and everything was golden.

Let's take an example from earlier this year when Activision shipped a 
180GB update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when they introduced the 
War Zone BR game mode update.

Download times:-

180GB at 100 Mbps: 4 hours
180GB at 1000 Mbps: 23 minutes

How will proper queuing disciplines possibly help here?

	-- Niels.

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