Are the days of the showpiece NOC office display gone forever?

Eric Kuhnke eric.kuhnke at
Wed Dec 16 20:49:52 UTC 2020

With the covid19 situation, obviously lots of ISPs have their NOC personnel
working from home, with VPN (or remote desktop) access to all the internal
tools, VoIP at home, etc.

In the traditional sense, by "showpiece NOC" I mean a room designed for the
purpose of having large situational awareness displays on a wall, network
weathermaps and charts, alerting systems, composed of four or more big flat
panel displays. Ideally configured to be actually useful for NOC purposes
and also something impressive looking for customer tours.

To what extent potential customers find that sort of thing to be a
signifier of seriousness on the part of an ISP, I suppose depends on what
sort of customers they are, and their relative degree of technical

Are the days of such an environment gone forever?
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