"Hacking" these days - purpose?

Tom Beecher beecher at beecher.cc
Mon Dec 14 14:58:01 UTC 2020

Questionable cloud / VPS / hosting companies are great for spammers and
botnet C&C, but not so great for DDoS "ion cannons". You still need a large
volume of geographically diverse endpoints for those to be effective.

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 9:52 AM Peter E. Fry <pfry at tailbone.net> wrote:

> Simple question: What's the purpose of obtaining illicit access to
> random devices on the Internet these days, considering that a large
> majority of attacks are now launched from cheap, readily available and
> poorly managed/overseen "cloud" services?  Finding anything worthwhile
> to steal on random machines on the Internet seems unlikely, as does
> obtaining access superior (in e.g. location, bandwidth, anonymity,
> etc.) to the service from which the attack was launched.
> I was thinking about this the other day as I was poking at my
> firewall, and hopped onto the archives (here and elsewhere) to see if
> I could find any discussion.  I found a few mentions (e.g. "Microsoft
> is hacking my Asterisk???"), but I didn't catch any mention of
> purpose.  Am I missing something obvious (either a purpose or a
> discussion of such)?  Have I lost my mind entirely?  (Can't hurt to
> check, as I'd likely be the last to know.)
> Peter E. Fry
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