Changing DNS host records

John Levine johnl at
Sat Dec 12 02:35:36 UTC 2020

In article <20201211194255.GK2258 at> you write:
>Matthew Crocker writes:
>> I have many customers that have registered their domains against my authoritative servers (DNS-AUTH3.CROCKER.COM).    I need to move that machine to a different
>network/IP address.    I’ve made the updates in my domain ( but I think I also need to update the host glue records in the gtld-servers as well.
>This makes me wonder if registries (and registrars) have the ability
>to let domain purchasers insert arbitrary glue records of their choice
>into gtld-servers. ...

No, you can only add glue for nameservers in your own domain. There's
an option to export the glue to registries for other TLDs so they know
it is OK for their registrants to use your servers. 

The interesting bits happen when a domain expires, but thre are other
domains using the glue so the glue stays after the NS are gone.

Remember that you only need glue for name servers whose names are
within the domains they serve. In this specific case, uses
DNS at Amazon, so is just an ordinary record in
the zone, no glue at all.


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