3rd party IPTV solutions bundling Netflix?

Luke Guillory lguillory at reservetele.com
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First thing you’ll need is retrans rights from the locals, be prepared to pay per sub MRC for this. Secondly, I’m pretty sure Netflix allows apps based on hardware not software, I don’t know of any middleware platforms that have Netflix direct within the platform itself. Plenty have it on the STB though that’s a nightmare as well, every flavor of HW and software must go through the certification process.

It took 3+ years to get the app on the DCX3635 via Arris’s whole home platform, this was with that platform having many providers and 50k plus subs.


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We’re beginning alpha testing of our residential services, and I want to offer IPTV.  To get off the ground, we’re white-labeling, are there any providers you like out there that can bundle Netflix as well as local/broadcast networks to my residential customers?  I think that’d be a nice to have along with no data caps/FTTH.


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