BGP route hijack by AS10990

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Mon Aug 3 15:20:05 UTC 2020

On 3/Aug/20 17:09, Baldur Norddahl wrote:

> We suffered a series of crashes that led to JTAC recommending
> disabling RPKI. We had a core dump which matches PR1332626 which is
> confidential, so I have no idea what it is about. Apparently what
> happened was the server running the RPKI validation server rebooted
> and the service was not configured to automatically restart. Also we
> did not have it redundant nor did we monitor the service. So we had no
> working RPKI validation server and that apparently caused the MX204 to
> become unstable in various ways. It might run for a day but it would
> do all sorts of things like packet loss, delays and generally be
> "strange". The first crash caused BGP, ssh and subscriber management
> to be down, but LDP, OSPF, SNMP to be up. It became a black hole we
> could not login to.  The worst possible kind of crash for a router. We
> had to go onsite and pull the power.
> The router appears to run fine after disabling RPKI. I suppose
> starting the validation service may also fix the issue. But I am not
> going to go there until I know what is in that PR and also I feel the
> RPKI funktion needs to be failsafe before we can use it. I know we are
> at fault for not deploying the validation service in a redundant setup
> and for failing at monitoring the service. But we did so because we
> thought it not to be too important, because a failed validation
> service should simply lead to no validation, not a crashed router.
> This is on JUNOS 20.1R1.11.

That's a really nasty bug.

Loss of an RTR session shouldn't kill the box, even if you are running
only one validator. If you can share details about why this happens when
you get them, that would be most helpful.

I'd be curious to know whether this is dependent on a specific
validator, or all of them.

Are there bits in Junos 20 that you can't get in fixed versions of 19?

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