Applications of MPLS in the metro area

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So where the books talk about PEs -think of your metro nodes here (basically converting the metro into an MPLS network -or making it part of your existing MPLS core) (you might not have a classic design where PEs hang off of P-Core nodes and might have just rings of PEs in your metro area)  

And where the books talk about various L3VPN and L2VPN services that’s basically what you can offer over your metro -now that it’s been converted to a fully-fledged MPLS network.

Ranging from multicast L3VPNs for 3PALY services through L2 p2p|p2mp|mp2mp services for Dat-Center-Interconect, to network-slicing buzzword (cause with VRFs and Traffic Engineering you can slice your metro area network whichever way you like).  




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Hello !


I'm looking for what a network operator would consider a realistic reference deployment of MPLS within the metro area network. 


By "realistic reference", I'm asking about what a network operator would consider to be a typical, perhaps most common, application of MPLS technology.


>From a bookish perspective, I understand MPLS well but have never implemented it in the scope of my current field of study (metro area networks). I would dearly like to get this "grounded" perspective from anyone who might care to share it.








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