mail admins?

Scott Weeks surfer at
Thu Apr 23 23:13:29 UTC 2020

--- mike at wrote:
From: Michael Thomas <mike at>

I'm not sure why the admins of nanog's site should 
particularly care about appeasing the js tinfoil hat 
set. i mean, computers computing! who will stop this 

Not the tin foil hat crowd, security.  Computers be
computing with or without security.  Many turn off JS.
Especially in this crowd.  The only time I wanted to 
use the site anyway was to find a thread as I can't 
seem to find them well in search engines.  For example, 
what was the thread about SOHO firewalls and pfsense
not too long ago?  I can't remember what everyone was 
saying about a pfsense replacement as pfsense is no 
longer what it was.  I am having to greenfield my home 
network and want to find a nerdable "dual WAN' firewall.  
That's off topic, though, as it's just a home network 


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