Venmo - Geolocation Challenges

Justin Krejci JKrejci at
Thu Apr 23 18:42:18 UTC 2020


I am looking for a Venmo network contact that can assist with a geolocation error in their systems. We have customers on a particular IP prefix who are being flagged by Venmo as outside of the USA but they are not outside of the USA. All standard geolocation systems I can find, as well as ARIN, all show the IP prefix as within the USA. Normal Venmo support channels are not fruitful to resolve the issue, they mostly just indicated users need to use their mobile data connection to get a different IP address for Venmo transactions. That is fine as a temporary work around but that is not a solution. Venmo support has expressed they are not going to do anything more for us in this regard.

So if anyone has a relevant contact I might reach out to at Venmo or knows if Venmo uses a particular 3rd party geolocation data set and can share that with me that would be appreciated. I don't mind working with any organization to straighten out any stale data, I just need some assistance getting to someone who has the info or access.


Justin Krejci

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