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Mike Hale at
Fri May 31 06:52:24 UTC 2019

Oh for fucks sake.


You two are questioning someone who subscribes to Nanog over Fedex?
You really think it's more likely that someone is targeting Dan Hollis
(whoever he is) instead of Fedex leaving something else exposed?

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 11:39 PM Scott Christopher <sc at> wrote:
> Dan Hollis wrote:
> Phishing scheme didn't happen.
> fedex has had a number of major compromises so it's not a stretch that
> their user database was stolen and sold to spammers.
> The other possibility is that your one-off email scheme is predictable, and someone knows you use FedEx, and that someone is targeting specifically you, and this obvious phishing email is a red herring for the exploit you didn't see.
> Be concerned.
> -- S.C.

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