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Fri May 31 01:49:03 UTC 2019

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On Thu, 30 May 2019 16:07:53 -0700, "Scott Weeks" said:

> Having been on quite a few networks in my career,
> (eyeball/enterprise) I'd say many struggle with
> having a "single and clearly defined routing policy"

Which part do they find problematic, the "single" part, 
or the "clearly defined" part? ;)

Both.  Two guys have authority over different parts of 
a network.  They don't agree and neither budges.  The 
manager is not technical (at all) and is hands off on 
decisions like those.  I see fights like this in configs 
all the time.  You look at the configs and go WTF, but 
after learning what happened in the past between those 
two folks I go; "Ok, NOW I get it."

And for 'clearly defined' put it politely
'clearly defined' is subjective. ;)  I'm OCD about
KISS, documentation and consistency, but many folks are 
not.  They want it their way, regardless of what is 
already there, and they like to turn knobs and not let 
others know what knobs they turned.

You wouldn't believe what we see out here on the 
raggedy edges of the internet.  I started my career in 
the 90s with a company called Digital Island.  There 
were extremely competent folks building it.  Every thing 
was KISS and consistent.  It was a beautiful DFZ network.  
I miss that.  2001 was the last time I saw it.  Been on
the ragged edge ever since.


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