Flexible OTN / fractional 100GbE

Jason Lixfeld jason+nanog at lixfeld.ca
Tue May 28 11:02:13 UTC 2019

> On May 28, 2019, at 6:41 AM, Jérôme Nicolle <jerome at ceriz.fr> wrote:
> Hi NaNOG !
> I'm looking for a muxponder that would take OTU4s on the network side
> and provide 10/40/100GbE on the client side, with some kind of
> oversubscription, as to provide a "fractional 100GbE" e.g. starting with
> 30-60Gbps commit that could be upgraded to 100GbE when network capacity
> is available.
> Is that something feasible at a decent price ?
> I've read that Broadcom' StrataDNX (Qumran / Jericho) chips have OTN
> support in addition to ethernet now, is there some vendor who leverages
> this, preferably with OCP gear ?


IP Infusion’s OcNOS is geared towards OCP gear, and while it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, they recently published[1] a note pertaining to IPoDWDM, so I could see them having maybe already done something along the lines of what you’re asking about, or they may have plans to.

[1] https://www.ipinfusion.com/news-events/ip-infusion-qualifies-inphi-colorz-in-its-latest-release-of-the-ocnos-network-operating-system/

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