Spamming of NANOG list members

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Fri May 24 22:38:09 UTC 2019

On 5/24/19 4:11 PM, Eric Tykwinski wrote:
> I guess you don’t get Comcast abuse reports, below is an example: 
> "e7f05f85ba44ad3393e7b086eed202ee b2cca3a3ae3825c36999e12722e83830" 
> <eed6df6cd94ee61a5091e4d46af49993 at>, 
> "Ed d95a762f93c99703afe76d25f1679ea4" 
> <d9bf58b67f09a3bec99fff00b2f12160 at>

Those look like they are probably MD5 hashes (I'm guessing) of names.

So your proposed algorithm would be trivial to extend to add MD5 hashes 
of permutations.

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