BGP prefix filter list

Radu-Adrian Feurdean nanog at
Fri May 17 10:10:18 UTC 2019

On Thu, May 16, 2019, at 16:38, Blake Hudson wrote:
> offloading that responsibility onto the transit provider. IMHO, what's 
> the point of being multi-homed if you can't make intelligent routing 
> decisions and provide routing redundancy in the case of a transit 
> provider outage?

Speaking of "intelligent routing", this is why doing some targeting on what you filter by some criteria other than prefix or as-path length is a good idea. Either manually every once in a while (just make sure that you at least check the situation every few weeks), or in an automated manner (better). You just need more data (usually *flow/ipfix based) in order to be able to take the good decisions.

You can use traffic levels (or better - lack of traffic), traffic criticality (?!?! cirticity ?!?!) and prefix count saving as criteria.


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