USA to Mexico IXP Equipment Recommendations

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Tue May 14 05:09:27 UTC 2019

Advice and/or suggestions wanted. Any input greatly appreciated.

We have run fiber from the USA to Mexico and have an exchange point in
place. Our fiber connections are dark and therefore we can use any
configuration we want on as many pairs as we want. Currently we have decided
to light two 100gig connections and they are piping across the border
already. We have 200gig going to Los Angeles (Wilshire Adjacent) and
are looking to the mexico interested community of network engineers to
identify how our peering point in Tijuana can be made to best service
the networks in the region (and abroad if they build in). Our IXP is
good, but we want to update/upgrade and put in a future-compatible
robust solution instead of what we have in there now. We are an open
IXP and are wondering how you would prefer to peer and what your
equipment recommendations are and why.  We're not afraid to spend
(some) money but we do want it to not be complete overkill however
should last at least 5 to 10 years before any upgrade would be
required. Also to note, we are running our own bandwidth over the
pipes as well so we would like to keep them separated.

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