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Mon May 13 21:39:39 UTC 2019

Why has OUTLOOK.COM allowed daily dictionary spammers to operate from
their net, FOR YEARS?

It can't be that hard to detect and block.

2019-05-13T17:00:18.194103-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[14128]: NOUSER: proctor5 []
2019-05-13T17:00:18.444848-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[14128]: NOUSER: proctor4 []
2019-05-13T17:00:18.698977-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[14128]: NOUSER: proctor2 []
2019-05-13T17:00:18.952548-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[14128]: NOUSER: proctor10 []
2019-05-13T17:10:27.523597-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[19471]: NOUSER: proctor6 []
2019-05-13T17:10:27.775984-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[19471]: NOUSER: proctor5 []
2019-05-13T17:10:28.029744-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[19471]: NOUSER: proctor4 []
2019-05-13T17:10:28.283016-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[19471]: NOUSER: proctor2 []
2019-05-13T17:10:28.537106-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[19471]: NOUSER: proctor10 []
2019-05-13T17:30:47.045677-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[31621]: NOUSER: proctor6 []
2019-05-13T17:30:47.299131-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[31621]: NOUSER: proctor5 []
2019-05-13T17:30:47.552492-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[31621]: NOUSER: proctor4 []
2019-05-13T17:30:47.804233-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[31621]: NOUSER: proctor2 []
2019-05-13T17:30:48.056635-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[31621]: NOUSER: proctor10 []
2019-05-13T17:35:05.867715-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[1352]: NOUSER: proctor9 []
2019-05-13T17:35:06.120021-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[1352]: NOUSER: proctor7 []
2019-05-13T17:35:06.372603-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[1352]: NOUSER: proctor6 []
2019-05-13T17:35:06.627583-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[1352]: NOUSER: proctor5 []
2019-05-13T17:35:06.885218-04:00 pcls6 sendmail[1352]: NOUSER: proctor []

etc etc etc etc.

        -Barry Shein

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