NTP for ASBRs?

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Thu May 9 20:01:48 UTC 2019

Royce Williams <royce at techsolvency.com>:
> > Anybody know of anything fitting that description that you might want
> > to deploy in a data center as a Stratum 1? If such a creature exists I
> > shall contrive to get my lunch hooks on one and write a driver for it.
> That would be fantastic. I mentioned it on Freenode when it first came out
> - but it may have escaped your attention. :)
> An eBay search for "EverSet ES100 WWVB BPSK Phase Modulation Receiver Kit"
> should prove fruitful. I have one - but I haven't had time to tinker with
> it yet.
> The kit comes with the double-antenna setup that appears to be key to the
> improved reception. In the clocks, the antennas are at 90 degrees relative
> to each other.

Alas. In concept, that is extremely interesting. But a bit too
bare-metal for me; first I'd have to recruit help to design and build
it into something one of my computers can talk to.

OTOH, I have written successful I2C code; if something like this
hardware were a Raspberry Pi HAT I'd have bought one before I finished
typing this reply and probably have a test system up in 24 hours. So
it's close.  Real close.  Relevant link:


It would be delightful to add a WWVB radio version of the build
to that document.
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