NTP for ASBRs?

Royce Williams royce at techsolvency.com
Thu May 9 03:39:59 UTC 2019

On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 7:16 PM Bryan Holloway <bryan at shout.net> wrote:

> On 5/8/19 7:55 PM, Brian Kantor wrote:
> > On Wed, May 08, 2019 at 07:47:56PM -0500, Bryan Holloway wrote:
> >> 100% true. But there is also a practical side to this ...
> >>
> >> When a NOC-ling, in their own local timezone, says, "hey, what happened
> >> two hours ago?", they have to make a calculation. And that calculation
> >> annoyingly depends on the time of year in many if not most locales
> >> worldwide. And to make matters worse, some folks change at different
> >> times of the year, so, if you're a global network ............
> >>
> >> Hawai'i and Arizona can add/subtract without looking at the damn
> >> calendar. I'm just sayin' I'd like to see more of that.
> >
> > Clocks are cheap. I have two on the wall; one is local time and
> > the other is marked GMT.
> >       - Brian
> Cheap != free. Many clocks have to be set after a DST change. Clocks
> that do this automatically are > cheap.
> I stand by my point.
> Disclaimer: I have two clocks.

Assuming that WWVB will persist (a medium-sized assumption) ...

The La Crosse 404-1235UA-SS UltrAtomic (not affiliated, just a fan) tracks
DST - and even leap seconds. They have much better reach than previous
similar clocks. Mine work during daytime deep inside buildings in Alaska,
far outside the traditional WWVB reach. They're also also simple and
legible, which could make them a good NOC choice. Local timezone is
adjustable, so you could easily run one on local time and one on UTC. They
also change their hand positions to indicate low-battery status. Not cheap,
but not too bad - price hovers around US$48-$52. Big fan.

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