NTP for ASBRs?

Bryan Holloway bryan at shout.net
Thu May 9 03:23:44 UTC 2019

On 5/8/19 10:15 PM, Bryan Holloway wrote:
> On 5/8/19 7:55 PM, Brian Kantor wrote:
>> On Wed, May 08, 2019 at 07:47:56PM -0500, Bryan Holloway wrote:
>>> 100% true. But there is also a practical side to this ...
>>> When a NOC-ling, in their own local timezone, says, "hey, what happened
>>> two hours ago?", they have to make a calculation. And that calculation
>>> annoyingly depends on the time of year in many if not most locales
>>> worldwide. And to make matters worse, some folks change at different
>>> times of the year, so, if you're a global network ............
>>> Hawai'i and Arizona can add/subtract without looking at the damn
>>> calendar. I'm just sayin' I'd like to see more of that.
>> Clocks are cheap. I have two on the wall; one is local time and
>> the other is marked GMT.
>>     - Brian
> Cheap != free. Many clocks have to be set after a DST change. Clocks 
> that do this automatically are > cheap.
> I stand by my point.
> Disclaimer: I have two clocks.

And furthermore, GMT != UTC.

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