any interesting/useful resources available to IPv6 only?

John Levine johnl at
Tue May 7 03:35:29 UTC 2019

In article <3ccd8c9a687b1a780c7f2e0f9e89b6d55ccdb2a7.camel at> you write:
>But the came I am making is to PHBs, not engineers and I am trying to
>find a path of least resistance.

Oh, then tell them that IPv4 addresses now cost (wave hands) ten bucks
each while IPv6 addresses are free because there's so many more of
them.  The sooner you're able to run your own infrastructure on v6,
the longer your now-valuable v4 addresses will last.

I wouldn't say it's strictly true, but it's less false than claiming
there will be services other places you can only get to on v6.

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