Fibre provider in Starkville, MS

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Mon May 6 14:41:45 UTC 2019

Completely correct of course. I guess in my mind that's just completely
normal in this industry; Carrier A bought by Carrier B, eventually all
services supported by Carrier B, and employees from both worlds have to
work on systems and equipment they are unfamiliar with. ( Tough to
integrate properly when some hedgy is riding you over that extra 0.45%! )
Support on 'legacy' always tends to suffer.

On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 10:29 AM Chris Adams <cma at> wrote:

> Once upon a time, Tom Beecher <beecher at> said:
> > They won't be going dark or anything. Absolutely worst case they may have
> > to sell some markets off to another carrier, but IF that gets there it's
> > many years away anyways.
> Well, the worst practical case is that they lay off (or otherwise lose)
> competent service employees, leaving you stuck when there's an outage.
> We have "legacy" circuits with Windstream (originally ordered from
> Deltacom, who was bought by Earthlink, who was bought by Windstream),
> and the support on those is pretty poor.
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