Widespread Firefox issues

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sat May 4 20:33:24 UTC 2019

Official update from Mozilla:



On 5 May 2019 5:50:19 AM NZST, "Valdis Klētnieks" <valdis.kletnieks at vt.edu> wrote:
>On Sat, 04 May 2019 10:46:41 -0700, Randy Bush said:
>> >> to do it, i have to start ffox.��and 100 tabs will open and
>> >> javascript will flood in.
>> recipe
>>   - turn off internet connectivity
>>   - start firefox
>>   - `kill -s sigkill` it
>>   - restart it, do not restore sesstion
>>   - turn internet back on
>>   - go to prefs / privacy and enable studio
>>   - wait until `about:studies` shows you got the two updates
>>   - allow sessions to restart
>Keep in mind that if Firefox exits between 'do not restore session' and
>'allow sessions to restart', all the tabs may vanish into the ether. 
>burned by that before.   May want to tar up your .mozilla directory for
>safe keeping (or whatever needs to be done on boxes where tar'ing up
>a directory isn't a thing....)

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