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>     I found this article very helpful as I knew very little. I was smarter
> for reading it though it may be to basic for many:
>     https://timetoolsltd.com/gps/gps-ntp-server/
It is basic and has at least some inaccuracies. I skimmed it and found:

"The NTP protocol was originally developed for the LINUX operating system. "

Kids these days.... so much history lost.

For those under 60 revolutions of the sun: NTP and related protocols far
pre-date Linux. Linux is a relatively late arriving implementation of Unix.
The vast majority of intellectual property behind Linux was from prior
variants of Unix; Linux was just a free, unencumbered version that was
widely adopted.


Network Working Group                                         
D.L. MillsRequest for Comments: 958 
M/A-COM Linkabit
September 1985
Network Time Protocol (NTP)

No linux in 1985...


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