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Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
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Anyone know of a solution that doesn't require an external antenna, is NEBS compliant, and has T1-type outputs for me to hook into my Metaswitch gear? 

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As other have commented before, it looks you need an outdoor antenna, however, reading the specs it says: 

"The built in high sensitivity GPS receiver is able to lock multiple satellites from within multiple buildings or from a window location , eliminating the requirement that an outdoor antenna be installed ." 



El 1/5/19 a las 15:22, Mehmet Akcin escribió: 

hey there Nanog, 

I am trying to buy a GPS based NTP server like this one 


but I will be placing this inside a data center, do these need an actual view of a sky to be able to get signal or will they work fine inside a data center building? if you have any other hardware requirements to be able to provide stable time service for hundreds of customers, please let me know. 


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