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Be specific in your report regarding what change you believe was in error and why – we investigate all such reports and will correct any changes made in error.

Actually, I’d love to hear an official statement from ARIN about the state of this transfer - it’s legitimacy, ARINs involvement with it, who approved of the transfer (if any) etc.

Was ARIN not involved?  If not, why not?  44/8 isn’t like a normal assignment.  It’s a legacy assignment likely with stipulations from when it was originally assigned to the HAM group(s).

As stated before, ARIN did receive and process a request from the 44/8 registrant to transfer a portion of the block to another party.

For all transfer requests, we review and confirm:

- That the source of the transfer is the legal entity which holds the rights to the address block in the registry
- That the transfer is authorized by an registered officer of that legal entity
- That the recipient org has approval per policy to receive an address block of the appropriate size

You may have other questions that are better referred to the registrant (Amateur Radio Digital Communications); e.g. regarding why the request was made –
I will note that the contact information for the block is current in the Whois database, and available at <https://search.arin.net/rdap/?query=>


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