A Zero Spam Mail System [Feedback Request]

Keith Medcalf kmedcalf at dessus.com
Fri Feb 22 17:01:54 UTC 2019

On Friday, 22 February, 2019 09:36, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman at meetinghouse.net>:

> But re. "one doesn't communicate with folks .. etc." --- when one has
> ongoing communication with a large group of people (e.g., an email
> list) --- and a large provider shuts a door, the impact is on more than
> just the customers of that provider

It affects the self-selected group of folks who chose to invest an inherently untrustworthy "provider" with trusted status.

In other words they chose their petard willingly and with full knowledge and were hoisted by it.

Their swinging and choking is merely the logical outcome of their own choices.  

You could be a good nanny and not allow folks to do stupid things -- but where would that get you?  As a responsible adult it is far better to allow children to make their own foolish mistakes and suffer the consequences thereof in the hopes that they will not be so foolish the next time around.

Some, however, never learn and the attempts to remedy ignorance with a clue-by-four are fruitless.

When being chased by bears and wolves it is clearly advantageous to permit the feeble and slow to jolly-along so they may preferentially satiate the bears and wolves.

The fact that there's a Highway to Hell but only a Stairway to Heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic volume.

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