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Thu Feb 21 03:16:31 UTC 2019

On February 20, 2019 at 15:29 bruns at 2mbit.com (Brielle Bruns) wrote:
 > On 2/20/2019 1:22 PM, Matthew Black wrote:
 > > Have you ever created a sendmail.cf without using M4?

I've certainly maintained them, one usually started with whatever came
with the source distr or maybe you'd get someone to share something
with you to bang on.

One reason sendmail.cf's seem so complicated is because sendmail was
designed to gateway and route between very different email systems.

For example UUCP where email addresses looked like uunet!bu!bzs and
berknet (UCB) where it looked like host:user (Berknet was largly
written by Eric Schmidt, as in the former Google CEO), and chaosnet

The "internet" really meant to many that we were going to tie all
those together at least somewhat and it was fairly successful for
email. I know I regularly used and admin'd decnet, bitnet, uucp, as
well as the usual ARPA stuff.

P.S. ISTR that someone wrote an adventure ("Collosal Cave") type game
as a sendmail config, it may have even produced a paper but I can't
find it (Usenix?)

        -Barry Shein

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