Cisco ASR's with RSP440 engines...

Jakob Heitz (jheitz) jheitz at
Wed Feb 20 23:57:25 UTC 2019

Wheeee! Thanks man!


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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:26:38 +0000
From: Tom Hill <tom at>

On 18/02/2019 21:50, John Von Essen wrote:
> If anyone on here has experience with the ASR series running the
> RSP440-SE or -TR, please contact me off-list. I'm trying to better
> understand real world performance when it comes to handling a few full
> BGP tables on these, it would be running as very basic edge router
> primarily just doing BGP. I know the RSP440 is EOL, but the plan would
> be to upgrade to RSP880 within a year.

The 440 is a beast. Faster even than the 9001's RP. You'll be fine with
a LOT of BGP edge work. :)

The RSP880 is faster on paper, but I'll be impressed if you notice a
difference over the 440 in terms of solely basic BGP edge functions. It
of course has support for other things that you might need, however.

(No idea why this would need to be offlist...)


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