Quick Script to check the uptime of ASR920's

Benoit Claise bclaise at cisco.com
Wed Feb 20 17:19:08 UTC 2019


Just in case you want to go into/learn the data model-driven management, 
here is a NETCONF/YANG script.

dvulovic at DVULOVIC-D2DW2:~/python-venv/CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF$ 
./CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF.py testinput

CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF by Djordje Vulovic (dvulovic at cisco.com)


Router has uptime of 5724548.0 seconds (66 days, 6:09:08)

Router has uptime of 5724551.0 seconds (66 days, 6:09:11)

Router has uptime of 5724555.0 seconds (66 days, 6:09:15)

Router has uptime of 5724557.0 seconds (66 days, 6:09:17)

Router has uptime of 5724497.0 seconds (66 days, 6:08:17)

dvulovic at DVULOVIC-D2DW2:~/python-venv/CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF$ 

CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF by Djordje Vulovic (dvulovic at cisco.com)


Usage: CiscoRouterUptimeNETCONF <file>

File consists of lines <mgmt ip>,<NETCONF port>,<username>,<password>

The script was tested on a real ASR920, running IOS 16.8.1
See the source code at 

Thanks to Djordje for developing this script.

Regards, Benoit
> All,
> I just created a quick script to check the uptime of a ASR920 via SNMP if you have a fairly long list of devices. It's a simple bash script and snmpwalk version 2c. Figured I would share it with you. Happy Friday
> Grab the code from GitHub: https://github.com/esundberg/CiscoRouterUptime
> It's a quick and dirty script and my first repo on github. Let me know if there any issues with it.
> Output Format in CSV
> DeviceName, IP, Uptime in Days, OK/Warning
> I set my warning to 800 Days, you can change this in the code
> ASR920list.txt
> -------------
> ASR920-1.SEA1,, SuperSecretSNMPKey
> ASR920-2.SEA1,, SuperSecretSNMPKey
> ~~~~snip you get the idea~~~~
> Output
> [user at Linux]$ ./CiscoRouterUptime.sh ASR920list.txt
> ASR920-1.SEA1,, 827, WARNING
> ASR920-2.SEA1,, 827, WARNING
> ASR920-2.ATL1,, 828, WARNING
> ASR920-1.ATL1,, 813, WARNING
> ASR920-1.CHI1,, 828, WARNING
> ASR920-1.NYC1,, 787, OK
> ASR920-2.CHI1,, 720, OK
> ASR920-3.CHI1,, 720, OK
> ASR920-1.DAL1,, 488, OK
> ASR920-4.CHI1,, 142, OK
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